Toledo Harbor Lighthouse Preservation Society
  The Toledo Harbor Lighthouse Preservation Society (THLPS) is an all volunteer nonprofit organization that seeks to preserve, restore and provide public outreach and access to the lighthouse. The organization has grown to 500 members.  THLPS owns the lighthouse and leases the original Toledo Lighthouse lens.  THLPS is proud of our accomplishments and our members.  Meetings are open to all.

    The original light at the Toledo Lighthouse, a 3 1/2 order Fresnel Lens made by Barbier and Bernard, is located at the lodge at Maumee Bay State Park and can be seen anytime. The lens has two bulls eyes and one clam shell.  The lit prisms and glass made the light visible up to sixteen miles.  The 3.5 order Fresnel lens is one of only three made.  The Toledo Lighthouse is one of a kind - very unique architecturally . 
  The Secretary of the Department of Interior approved the application for the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse Preservation Society (THLPS) to own the lighthouse.  On April 25, 2007, THLPS received the the deed and keys to the lighthouse.  We are all grateful to those that helped with this lengthy process.  

    The Toledo Lighthouse Society received two grants to assist with the Restoration Plans and Specifications.  Ohio D.N.R. through the Coastal Zone Management Program, provided a two year $48,000 grant for Duket Architects to prepare plans and specification for the lighthouse restoration project.  Also, the Ohio Lake Erie Protection Fund awarded $14,900 for this project.  The total cost of the project is $102,000.  The additional funding was provided from fundraising, memberships and a five year loan. 

     The restortion will kick off in the fall of 2015 when the first floor windows and shutters will be installed.  One of the windows that remains covered by cement bolck will be restored, the other windows/shutters will replace the cement blocks that now cover the window openings.   The estimated cost of the project is $90,000.  We thank Genoa Bank for a $40,000 loan to start the restortation process. The complete restoration will cost an estimated $1.5 million.  Restoration Phase is the recipient of a  FHWA/ODOT $500,000 grant with a match of $138,000 required.  The 'My Lighthouse Window Capital Campaign' is underway.   The first phase of the Restoration includes windows, doors, shutters and tucking the brick.  Restoration Phase Two is for infrastructure and will include solar power, electrical, plumbing, a wastewater system,  and gray water treatment. Restoration Phase Three if for interior work and finishing.  Additional grants are being sought to complete restoration. 

    Once the restoration is complete, two couples will become 'Lighthouse Keepers' that will stay at the lighthouse for some number of days to allow visitors to see the lighthouse from May through October.  Members will be given preference to become 'Lighthouse Keepers' and then will be open to the public(through an  application process).

    A ramp, dock and lift received a grant from the Lake Erie Protection Fund(Marblehead License Plates), Art Iron provided the Platform, and the Toledo Lighthouse Society provided the rest.    The access project was completed in October 2008.  On April 9, 2009 all was well, On April 11 the dock and ramp were gone along with parts of the lift.  The ramp was recovered, the dock never was recovered.  A new dock and lift were installed by Meinke's in July 2011.  The dock and  parts of the lift will be brought on shore for the winter.  We hope to installthe ramp in 2013.

    In 2007 the Toledo Lighthouse Society won the Excellence Preservation Award from the Landmark's Preservation Council. 

    You can view the Toledo Lighthouse from the shores of Maumee Bay State Park through a viewer located on the walkway on the east side of the marina in front of  the lodge near the marina.

    We hope that you will consider having a lighthouse window in your name, donating/joining the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse Preservation Society,   Our major annual event is the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse Festival featuring boat rides around the lighthouse, island music, nautical arts and crafts, food, children's activities and a silent auction.   The Toledo Lighthouse Festival is July  8 and 9, 2017.   

The first floor windows are in and shutters are coming.  The goal is to to have these installed in the spring of 2018.  What a difference it will make - the first floor windows have been cement blocked since 1989.  You can still have naming rights to a window - nearly 50% of the windows are 'sold'. Help restore the lighthouse and forever have a window in your name. There are north, east, south and west view windows on all the floors. Second floor windows are sold out and other 'floors' only have a few left.  Select a window soon. Email for more information. For pricing etc. click here

In June 2015 we lost the dock due to a storm.  We continue to look at options for access to the lighthouse.  We hope to have inside access for the lighthouse festival July 8 & 9, 2017, please visit this web site for updated information.  When we have the tours, boats leave from the marina at Maumee Bay State Park.  To tour the inside of the lighthouse, you must be able to climb a rung ladder and sign a waiver of liability, wear secure shoes and  be over sixteen. Also, if weather does not allow entry into the lighthouse, boat trips around the lighthouse may be offered.    Please check this web site for information on reservations for the 2017 festival.  
There are 76 steps to the top of the lighthouse - three stories in the homelike part and three stories in the tower.  Tours are in small groups of 6 leaving from the marina at Maumee Bay State Park.  The tour and boat trip are about one hour.  Tours are weather dependent.  Canceled trips are posted on the web site.   
The Toledo Lighthouse Society is an all volunteer 501c3 nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is to restore, promote and educate about this wonderful Great Lakes historic lighthouse.  The organization meets monthly from January through October at the lodge at Maumee Bay State Park.  
To get updates about the lighthouse restoration and other Toledo lighthouse news, become part of the Toledo Lighthouse family by becoming a member. To become a member please click here. All members of the lighthouse are lighthouse owners who take great pride in being stewards for this historic structure. A membership 'perk' is that members will be offered the first opportunity to stay at the lighthouse when the restoration is complete. The order will be by member seniority.

Toledo Harbor Lighthouse Preservation Society
Toledo Harbor Lighthouse Society, 1750 Park Rd. #2  Toledo, Ohio 43616  419-691-3788  Fax 419-691-2288
ABOUT THE TOLEDO LIGHTHOUSE .. on a crib where Maumee Bay meets Lake Erie
 The Toledo Lighthouse is located about five miles off shore north of Maumee Bay State Park. The lighthouse marks the Toledo shipping channel where the waters of Lake Erie        
  meet the shallow waters of Maumee Bay.  The lighthouse can be seen from Maumee Bay State Park - there is a viewer near the marina to bring it up close.  The Romanesque 
  design lighthouse was completed May 23, 1904 and is architecturally unique with buff brick and a rolled edge steel roof. The lighthouse is 4000 sq. ft. and stands 64' high. Armour 
  was added to three sides of the base of the lighthouse in 1989 when the lighthouse was secured by the Army Corps of Engineers.  Click here for 'At the Toledo Lighthouse on 
  tornado Palm Sunday" by former Lighthouse Keeper Tim Mayer.  Click here for the Toledo Blade magazine story Click here for Toledo Blade editorial. ck here to add text.

Toledo Lighthouse Monthly Meeting
 Thursday May 24, 2018 at 7 pm at 
  Maumee Bay State Park Lodge

Next meeting June 28, 2018 at 7 pm at Maumee Bay Lodge

Lighthouse Festival  2018 July 7 & 8 
Wishing all the best in 2018

          15th Annual Toledo Lighthouse Festival 
July 7th & 8th 2018
Maumee Bay State Park 

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